A new year.

This year has been a tremendous amount of change for me and I know that change isn’t about to slow down. That’s what your early twenties are supposed to be about, then when you get to the other side of it you can count on stability.

I am constantly forgetting that I am 23. That I am exactly where I need to be. A lot can happen in a year, let alone a week.

In late August, I moved into my first studio apartment. Not too long after, started a new job. Since then, I’ve been.feeling very lost in the world. Completely unspiritually fit. I think the only thing that has kept me sane is rock climbing. Thank you rock climbing Gods.

I find it very ironic that it is the start of the Jewish New year. And I find it very ironic that within the last few days I have decided to make moves to commit to my life. It might be the little Jew inside me who started pushing around and making strides toward settling down that knew it was Rosh ha’shanah as well. I think life is funny with these coincidences. But I know better, There are no coincidences when you have faith.

So tonight I sit down. I toast my new apartment with my mason jar filled with sparkling grape and mint leaves. I hatch my master plan and let life role.